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Toddy Commercial Cold Brew Kit

Toddy Commercial Cold Brew Kit

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The Toddy Commercial System uses an engineered and patented cold water brewing process to produce outstanding cold brew coffee and tea. The end product is smooth, yet full-bodied, and aromatic. Many leading coffee shops are using this method because of the superior results. This non-electric brewer claim has the ability to brew a low acid coffee - approximately 67% less acid than traditionally brewed coffees. Many coffee afficionados prefer this for a naturally sweet tasting cold coffee, chai, or tea beverage. Perfect served over ice, or as an iced latte, or frozen drink.

Also included in this bundle is the new Toddy Lift. The Lift makes it even easier to brew a batch of coffee in your Toddy system. With no squeezing required, the Lift increases the volume of cold brew you get out of every batch. Simply place the Lift feet down at the bottom of the brew bucket, and add your filter bag, coffee, and water.

It’s everything you need to make cold brew except coffee and water!

What's in the box?

- Toddy Commercial Brew bucket
- Lid
- Spigot (Tap)
- Toddy Lift

Please note: The new commercial configuration above does not include paper filters which are required to brew.

DIMENSIONS length: 406mm width: 406mm height: 460mm                                                                                                                        
KEY FEATURES                                                                                # Designed and manufactured in USA specifically for making cold brew coffee
# Translucent material to see cold brew levels at any angle
# Tapered bottom ensures all cold brew drains through the spigot

Toddy Brand                                    
polypropylene BPA free