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Crema Pro Barista Kit
Crema Pro Barista Kit

Crema Pro Barista Kit

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Crema Pro Barista Kit, colour: Black or Red
The Crema Pro Complete Barista set great from home set ups and also a perfect gift for someone that loves making coffee.

What's in the box?
1 x Chocolate shaker
1 x 110mm knocking tube
1 x 58mm coffee tamper
1 x Tamping mat
1 x 600ml Milk jug
1 x Group head cleaning brush
1 x Thermometer

COLOURS AVAILABLE The Crema Pro Barista Kit available in Black or Red      
MAKE THE PERFECT COFFEE In order to make the perfect coffee or espresso, you need the best tools. The Crema Pro Barista Kit combines a stylish design with durable materials to create a state of the art group of. coffee-making accessories
AN ALL-INCLUSIVE KIT The Crema Pro Home Barista Kit contains all the accessories you will need for mastering the perfect coffee at home, neatly and conveniently packed. Included in the kit is a 58mm Coffee Tamper, 110mm Knock Bin, 600ml Milk Jug, Milk Thermometer, Cocoa Shaker, Tamper Mat and a Group Head Brush.
PREMIUM QUALITY Crema Pro products are carefully crafted from premium materials to guarantee a long lasting product that will suit all of your coffee needs. Add one to your cart today!

Crema Pro Brand                          
stainless steel                    
rubber base                                
Nylon bristle