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Barista Ace Single Shot Glass

Barista Ace Single Shot Glass

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Barista Ace single espresso shot measure glass mls and ozs.

Stylish espresso shot glass for single espresso shots or ristretto shots. This accurate measuring glass is the indispensable espresso tool that no coffee fan should be without.

Heatproof glass with a content of 60ml and features a tasteful and elegant square design. Hand-wash recommended to preserve imprint

Measure your espresso shots for best espresso and cappuccino results

It serves also as a helpful tool for setting up and determining the degree of grinding, in relation to brewing time and brewing quantity of your preferred espresso shot

Whats in the box?
1 x Barista Ace Shot glass 60ml                                                                             
DIMENSIONS height: 60mm width: 53mm depth: 53mm                                                                                
DURABLE - Dishwasher safe and heatproof                                      QUALITY accuracy +/- 5% - Espresso Shot Glass
Barista Ace Brand                    
Heatproof Glass