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Barista Ace Magnetic Timer

Barista Ace Magnetic Timer

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Barista Ace Magnetic Count down / Count up Timer.

This timer helps you measure precise brewing times for espresso, coffee or tea. It features an star-stop switch, count-down and count-up functions and a large LCD display.

The device can also be easily attached to the metallic front panel of your coffee machine because of its magnetic rear cover.

What's in the box?
1 x Barista Ace Magnetic Timer and AAA battery                                                                                   
DIMENSIONS length: 75mm width: 65mm depth: 22mm                                    
# Countdown/Up
# Clear Display,Automatic reset
# Large Screen,Easy to Read&Set-up Time
# Bigger Digital Screen,More Visually                                                                      
Barista Ace Brand                
Plastic ABS                                    
LCD display