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Barista Ace Wand Cloth 4 pack

Barista Ace Wand Cloth 4 pack

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Barista Ace Milk Cleaning Cloths.                                                                                              
Coloured blue to identify the clean milk side this set of 4 microfibre cloths will keep your cafe more crisp and clean for a longer amount of time than any traditional cloth set.
The Microfibre material makes it the ultimate barista cloth, trapping and collecting dirt, coffee, grease, fingerprints, and other messes with rapid effectiveness. You’ll never want to go back to ‘regular’ cloths again – and you won’t have to.
With 4 cloths, this set will keep your area spotless for several days at a time.                                                                                                                                        
Whats in the box?
4 x Barista Ace milk cleaning cloths

DIMENSIONS length: 400mm width: 400mm

SUPERB CLEANING POWER Microfibre material grabs and traps dirt, coffee, fingerprints, grease, and other messes with unrivaled effectiveness.
GREAT CLEANING Made with a special blend of polyamide and polyester that’s twenty times as fine as silk.
INCLUDES 4 CLOTHS Enough cloths to keep your cafe running for several days.
HYGIENIC The blue coloured helps identify with the hygiene critical milk side of the coffee operation.                                                                                                
Barista Ace Brand              
Microfibre material