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KeepCup Orginal - Doppio
KeepCup Orginal - Doppio

KeepCup Orginal - Doppio

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KEEPCUP is from Australia and was founded in 2009.The environmental footprint of their products is really important to KEEPCUP, so they are committed to local manufacture. KEEPCUP is also less plastic. Disposable cups are lined with polyethylene and have a polystyrene lid, so there is enough plastic in 28 disposable cups to make one small KEEPCUP.

Mission: KEEPCUP aims to encourage the use of reusable cups. They do this by delivering sustainably made products that are fit for purpose in the context of a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference to how we think about convenience culture. Through the widespread sales of KEEPCUP, they want cafes to lift reuse rates to 40% reusable in the “to go” environment.                                                                                                

Our original KeepCup - Small, 227ml (8oz) - Large, 454ml (16oz).                                                                                                                                            
SMALL - this size most closely resembles the internal volume of an in-house glass. It is a disposable cup size, more common in independent specialty coffee houses.  
MEDIUM - is appropriate for all the same coffees as the small, is one of the most popular sizes in takeaway coffee environments. The internal volume would be similar to a large mug. It is great for tea and iced beverages too. (for 10oz fill to top of band on Brew and Original)                                         LARGE - the internal volume is almost half a litre of liquid and replicates disposable cup volumes.
Whats in the box?
1 x KeepCup Original Small or Large

Small - height: 100mm base width: 60mm

Large - height: 150mm base width: 60mm                                  

EASY TO CLEAN Dishwasher safe on the top shelf                                     HEATING Lid off, can be heated to 100°C / 212°F
PREMIUM QUALITY Replacement parts available                                     BUYER CONFIDENCE One-year warranty on defects and faults                 END OF LIFE Recycling is the last resort. Reduce. Reuse.                              
KeepCup Brand                                          
Silicone rubber  
polypropylene BPA / BPS free