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Coffee Catcha
Coffee Catcha

Coffee Catcha

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The Coffee Catcha is a professional dosing funnel used by thousands of baristas in cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee carts, homes and offices around the world.            
Its high quality stainless steel make-up and highly functional design are a perfect combo for professional baristas making one or hundreds of coffees per day.          
If you'd like to save money, increase quality consistency and eliminate mess on your bench top, then the Coffee Catcha is the right tool for you.

Whats in the box?
1 x Coffee Catcha

DIMENSIONS height: 165mm width: 105mm depth: 30mm                                      
The Coffee Catcha sits on top of the portafilter. When grinding, the coffee grinds fall down through the Coffee Catcha and into the basket. Any coffee grinds that would usually end up on the bench/counter (from clumping, static or over filling) gets funnelled into the basket. The Coffee Catcha works with both manual and electronic grinders.
How it works: Overfill, scrape off excess grinds into grind chamber then tamp. Get the same flat surface & dosage every time.                ELECTRONIC DOSING
How it works: Set the timer to dose the quantity you want. All the coffee falls directly into the portafilter giving consistent weight and therefor a consistent dosage. Either take the Coffee Catcha off to tamp, or tamp through the Coffee Catcha.

Coffee Catcha Brand                
Stainless steel