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Crema Pro Bench Waste Tube Commercial

Crema Pro Bench Waste Tube Commercial

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Standing at 300mm - Black                                                                                                      
This sturdy commercial size knock bin is made from hard wearing polypropylene. It can be easily separate into two parts for easy and thorough cleaning.

Whats in the box?
1 x Crema Pro Commercial Bench knocking tube, 300mm

DIMENSIONS height: 300 mm width: 230 mm

FEATURES Flared Collar helps keeps coffee ground splatters from making messes. Removable Top makes emptying easy and allows you to secure a trash bag in the tube.                                                EASILY DISPOSE COFFEE GRIND Economical and robust knocking tube for any cafe or roastery. Wide flat base for sublility with a neoprene bar to protect portafilter against damage.
PREMIUM QUALITY Crema Pro products are carefully crafted from premium materials to guarantee a long lasting product that will suit all of your coffee needs.                                                                                                                               
Crema Pro Brand                          
polypropylene body                
neoprene bar                    
rubber sleeve